Final curtain call :,(

our group



Today my group for Communication Theory had their last part of the groupwork – the poster presentation.
Though some trouble during the exam weeks, we finished everything in time and were proud to show our master piece. We choosed Philip Morris as our company and today we had to present our assignment to a jury and answer some questions. I think it was okay and we gave our best – sure we were nervous as fuck. But in the end we reached a higher goal than expected and beside the stress there was a lot of fun too. A lot of people liked our work and I guess I am right when I say, that we definetly had the most creative layout -an interactive poster with a design like a real cigarette package were the information are hidden inside on cigarettes. Now I am pretty wondering and sad about the next weeks, when our classes will change completely and no one of both is in the same class with me. I remember how nervous and worried I was when I first came here and had to survive being in a foreign country with completely foreign people. We became more and more friends and I think they are one of the most important things, that made this study and moving to the Netherlands worthy. I hope we won’t have less contact in the future and a lot of more fun too.

Girls, I just wantedt to thank you for a pretty cool first block with you, for all the great stories and jokes, for having soup 3 times a day, smoking in every free minute, handling most of the assignments and last but not least that you gave some feeling of being home here !


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