Donut overload ♥




Well, next week I have a lot of important exams to do and I am really fucked up right now. All I do is reading my books, prepare myself for the tests, doing my assignments and  the only thing that calms me down is enjoying the bit of freetime I have as much as possible. Today I went to the supermarket after my lessons and found these wonderful donuts. I was forced to buy them, they look so good and they even had a special discount so I decided to give Philipp and me something delicious to forget about the stress. I hope you like the pictures and don’t have to go hungry to bed haha :D During the next days I hope I’ll find some time for a new shooting because I already have some nice ideas I’d lke to try.



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4 Antworten zu “Donut overload ♥

  1. Jetzt hab ich Hunger bekommen!
    Die hätte ich auch kaufen müssen!

  2. Ich habe auch einen Donutmaker, funktioniert wunderbar. Das Topping schaue ich mir von getdonuts oder die aus Berlin ab :) Die Kinder freuen sich immer …. schade das diese nicht wirklich gut für die Figur sind…

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