Who I am ? – My subcultures


Für eine Mappe im Fach Intercultural Awareness musste jeder eine Mappe anfertigen, die sich mit den “ eigenen “ Subcultures beschäftigt.
Ich bin gerade dabei meine zu überarbeiten und dachte mir, vielleicht ist es für manch einen ganz interessant, mich etwas näher und aus einer anderen Perspektive kennen zu lernen. Wir sollten ein Kreisdiagramm erarbeiten, in dem wir darstellen wie wir uns selber bezüglich unser Kulturen sehen und erläutern warum und inwiefern uns diese “ Teile “ von uns uns beeinflussen. Erst ist es mir recht schwer gefallen, denn mal ehrlich, wer denkt schon ohne Weiteres über sowas nach ? Erst blieb mein Kreis zweigeteilt in Deutsch und Italienisch, bis mir nach und nach einfiel, was mich noch so alles ausmacht und war überrascht, wie viel letztendlich noch zusammen kam. Ich hoffe euch gefällt mein “ etwas speziellerer “ Artikel – auch wenn dieser ganz in Englisch ist. Nun mache ich mich auch wieder an die Arbeit, leider sind nicht alle meine Aufgaben so interessant und müssen wohl oder übel erledigt werden ; )

For a portfolio in Intercultural Awareness we had to make a solution that deals with the „own“ Subcultures.I’m just about doing my work and thought, maybe it is for many a very interesting  thing to get me know a little closer  from a different perspective. We should work out a pie chart in which we represent ourselves as we see our cultures and explain why and how those „parts“ effect ourselves. At first I found it quite difficult, because honestly, who thinks  about that? First my parts were only divided in German and Italian, what made me so  surprised by how much yet ultimately came together. I hope you like my „something more specific“ article. Now I make me go back to work, unfortunately, not all my tasks as interesting and must be done anyway ; )



Germany is the country where I was born, where I lived for more than 20 years and also an area which I visit as often as possible. If I‘d ask myself how I feel , I would definetely say german. I never felt very german but now I regonized how german I really am. It‘s well known that germans are always in time and try to be as professional as possible. I‘m wether in time nor very professional about school, work and freetime – but I always feel bad about it and think that‘s the wrong way to become successful. Furthermore I often care about rules and are afraid of breaking them. Probably it‘s quite german to fear consequences and doing everything to avoid them. In my mind it always seems that without strict structures, which everyone follows, system will not work. But I‘m always happy if it does anyway – because of my „ half italian me “ I‘m always in a struggle.

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My father is Italian – a typical one. He thinks food, ,“ la dolce vita “ as sign for enjoying every day with every sense and family are the most important aspects in life. That‘s what I was thought since I was a child and I believe in my fathers lesson. My family is the only thing which is an absolute term in my life and nothing can change our connection. I think that I try to do everything for my parents, wanting to make them proud, let nothing happen that could bring disgrace on my family and also glorify my italian roots is typically italian. I‘m proud to be a „ mix “ of two diffrent cultures and would love to be more italian because sometimes it takes much effort for me to be happy with how life is going and not thinking about success and how I‘d wish my future to be. Beeing italian is living every day as best as possible and not thinking about what could destroy the next one.


German Hip-Hop

German Hip Hop is more than music, nowadays it‘s a connection beetween lifestyle, behavior, worldview, passion and music. It took a lot of time till it wasn‘t uncool anymore to rap in german  and a completely new way for young people to explain their emotions and tell the world about themselves. Most of my close friends are listening to Hip Hop music too and it seems to be an invisble connection. I really enjoy Rap concerts and festivals and  the lyrics of my favorite artists are like quotes for me. There is no other kind of music which is more authentic to me.



It seems that beeing interested in fashion is superficial but for me it‘s a way to express myself. Fashion can be more than dressing fancy, reading magazines and following trends. I always choose my outfits by emotions and never wear something which is not enough „ me “ in my opinion. For me fashion is a way to feel good and I think there is nothing bad about wanting to look as good as possible. For me myself is like an empty piece of paper which can look like everything I want to. Fashion is like a hobby, like another kind of art.



My mom is from Austria but I‘ve never been there for a longer time. In my opinion Austria is like Germany but with more tradition and cosy atmosphere. I think I‘m a bit austrian too because lot of my behaviour was influenced by my mother. She likes to decorate everything, tries her best to make events like christmas very special, sometimes she cooks traditional austrian meals and loves to furnish our house as cosy as possible – and me too.



I‘m here in the Netherlands for about 4 months but it feels like home. I came here because at my visits I realized how good the dutch lifestyle fits me. How I already explained, I‘m not whole german but also not whole italian, which was often a problem at my hometown. It seems that German and Italian mixed produces some kind of dutch lifestyle. I enjoy that people are so open minded, friendly, helpful and the most important thing is their calmness. I hope to become more dutch in the future and gaze furthermore how the dutch way of life works.


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6 Antworten zu “Who I am ? – My subcultures

  1. Gott, wie ich dieses Fach und diese Aufgabe gehasst habe. :D

  2. toller post – ich fands interessant einen einblick in deine subcultures zu bekommen ;)

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