To my readers from everywhere !

270641_2007680626102_1075412_n_bearbeitet-1Some ( nearly everyone not from germany ) people asked me, to write my blog in english in the future and well, I already knew that would be a wise decision. Now I’m studying abroad and mostly everyone is from everywhere and the only way to join this blog is scrolling through pictures and guessing what I maybe would like to express. It takes a lot of time and effort to translate everything and that’s why I didn’t write anything in english and that’s the reason why I won’t translate everything BUT as long as it is possible I will make a little translation. You can figure it out by its color – light grey sentences will be in english. I’ll give my best but don’t be mad about me if I make mistakes or spell sth. wrong.  If there is no translation at an article, you can be sure the context is just random and you can join only the pictures without missing anything. So, fuck google translator and have fun without CTRL + P :D


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